Joe Dailey

Assistant Vice Chancellor Stewardship Services and Endowment Compliance

  • 806.742.1154

Joe Dailey is assistant vice chancellor for stewardship services and endowment compliance for Institutional Advancement.

Dailey oversees a team with three areas of focus on accounting, endowment compliance and reporting, and donor services.

His team is responsible for managing the budget and procurement needs of Institutional Advancement as well as receiving, processing, depositing and reporting on gifts to the Texas Tech University System. The endowment compliance & reporting team ensures donor endowments are used according to each donor’s wishes and compiles annual reports on endowments provided to each donor and monitors compliance with the donor’s gift intent. The donor services team is responsible for creating a gift receipt for each gift to the Texas Tech University System, preparing gift acknowledgement letters and coordinating matching gift opportunities.

Dailey strives to provide the best possible experience, whether he is helping to facilitate a transaction, providing a detailed report to a donor or just being available to answer questions.

Prior to joining the Texas Tech University System, Dailey worked for in Dallas, TX. He is a 2001 graduate of the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University. With more than 17 years’ experience in higher education fundraising, he enjoys discussing endowments with the donors whose philanthropy is impacting the lives and careers of students and faculty across the universities of the Texas Tech University System.