Sam Bennett Gives to Create Opportunities for Future Students

It’s an understatement to say Sam Bennett, Ed.D., has invested in Texas Tech University.

Over his 40 year career, the assistant vice president and director of Hospitality Services has done almost every job in the department, working his way up from washing dishes for $1.60 an hour to managing 900 employees who serve more than $9.5 million of food a year.

On top of that, he earned all three of his degrees at Texas Tech University, including a bachelor’s in accounting, a master’s in management and a doctorate in higher education.

But for Bennett, it wasn’t enough.

“I’ve devoted my life to Texas Tech, and I want to leave the school better off than I found it,” said Bennett.

And he’s putting his money where his heart is.

As part of his estate planning, Bennett designated a $1 million planned gift to establish an endowed professorship in accounting for the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business.

Endowed professorships provide an important tool for recruiting top faculty to Texas Tech University. By creating a dedicated revenue stream that supports a faculty member’s salary and research efforts, these gifts have the added benefit of freeing up limited state funds that can be used to meet other academic needs.

For Bennett, his gift is about recognizing the impact Texas Tech had on his life and making sure that future generations of students have the same opportunity.

“I was the first kid in my family to go through school and get a degree,” he said. “Texas Tech means a great deal to me — it opened doors for me.

“An endowed professorship is something that will be around for many, many years and I hope it will open doors for thousands of students.”

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