Vadivel Ganapathy

2020 Distinguished Teaching Award Recipient

Vadivel Ganapathy is the Robert A. Welch Endowed Chair in Biochemistry and a Grover Murray Professor at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, where he also serves as chairperson of the Department of Cell Biology & Biochemistry.

Interested in the biology of cancer, Ganapathy studies how nutrients are transported and metabolized in normal tissues and in cancer cells. Working with his research team, he has cloned and described almost 40 transporters and identified two new transport systems, and his contributions to the field of nutrition have been internationally recognized by the Rank Foundation in the United Kingdom. His research has been continuously supported by grants since 1987 and his findings have resulted in nearly 500 research articles and 30 book chapters, which have been cited more than 36,000 times.

In addition to research, Ganapathy is a passionate educator, having trained more than a dozen research students over the course of his career. Having taught biochemistry and physiology for close to 25 years, he considers teaching the noblest of all professions and strives to make his lectures simple, logical and easily understood by his students. He credits the many influential teachers he studied with throughout his career with igniting his passion for education.

Ganapathy holds a doctorate in biochemistry as well as a master’s and bachelor’s degree from the University of Madras in India.