Roman M. Taraban

2020 Distinguished Teaching Award Recipient

Roman M. Taraban is a professor in experimental psychology at Texas Tech University.

With teaching interests that span cognition and cognitive neuroscience; psycholinguistics; language and literacy; and cognitive development, Taraban’s career of research has included investigations into language learning, naive Bayesian text analysis, undergraduate study behaviors, engineering ethics, engineering problem solving and reading comprehension.

Recognized for his achievements in the classroom, Taraban is a recipient of the President’s Excellence in Teaching Professorship from Texas Tech University. His work has also been recognized with the College of Arts & Sciences Teaching Innovation Award and the President’s Excellence in Teaching Award. He was inducted into the Texas Tech University Teaching Academy in 2003 and currently serves as a member of the editorial board of the East European Journal of Psycholinguistics.

Taraban holds a doctorate in cognitive psychology from Carnegie Mellon University and completed post-doctoral work at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He earned his master’s in educational psychology from the University of Chicago.