Erica Irlbeck

2020 Distinguished Teaching Award Recipient

Erica Irlbeck is an associate professor of agricultural communications at Texas Tech University.

Part of the nation’s top undergraduate program for agricultural communications, Irlbeck teaches courses ranging from video production to strategic communications. She has focused on expanding her pedological base by participating in the design of the agricultural communications senior capstone experience, developing online courses, creating a resident course on agricultural advocacy and continually refining the content quality of her courses.

Irlbeck’s research focuses on agriculture in television media, risk and crisis communications, and science communications. Through a grant from BASF, Irlbeck developed a program to train agricultural scientists in communications and advocacy. Now in its fourth year, Irlbeck plans to expand the program into a course for all graduate students in the College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources.

Irlbeck serves the industry at local, state, regional and national levels. She is superintendent of the Texas FFA Agricultural Communications Career Development Event, vice president for the Western Region American Association for Agricultural Education and a committee member for the National FFA Agricultural Communications Career Development Event. She is also a member of the Lubbock County Farm Bureau board of directors. Previously, Irlbeck worked in agricultural television news for AgDay Television and KLBK-TV, farm radio for Clear Channel Networks, public relations and advertising.

Irlbeck received her doctor of education in agricultural education from Texas Tech University. She received her bachelor’s degree in agricultural communications from Oklahoma State University and her master’s degree in agricultural communications from Texas Tech University.