Investing in scholarship endowments

Scholarships make going to college a reality for many of our student-athletes and enable us to recruit top players from across the nation. A scholarship gift is a life-changing investment in the academic mission of Texas Tech University, and creating a scholarship endowment ensures your gift leaves a legacy for generations.

Our Goal

Surpass $10 million in new student-athlete scholarship endowments

A significant and lasting gift

Scholarship endowments are a permanent reminder of your commitment to Texas Tech. Your gift is invested, and scholarship funds are awarded from a portion of the earnings, making it possible for your endowment to generate scholarship funds for this season and years to come.

Endowments make an impact

Invested for the benefit our student athletes, scholarship endowments help:

  • Support academic success by reducing a student-athlete's financial burden
  • Impact the recruitment of top player prospects
  • Provide a dependable and recurring source of annual scholarship funds

Types of scholarship endowments

Athletic Scholarship Endowment

Support the education of Texas Tech University student-athletes with a gift establishing an athletic scholarship endowment. $25,000 minimum gift

Sport-Specific Scholarship Endowment

Provide a scholarship for student-athletes in the sport of your choice with a gift creating a sport-specific scholarship endowment. $25,000 minimum gift

Clifford B. Jones Named Position Scholarship Endowment

Give a scholarship for a player position on the sports team of your choice with a Clifford B. Jones named position scholarship endowment. $250,000 minimum gift