About Annual Giving

Annual gifts provide a dependable source of philanthropy to sustain our universities. By enabling alumni and friends to make these yearly gifts, Annual Giving provides opportunities for learning and discovery, extends financial aid and capitalizes on innovation.

Common Annual Giving Questions

Why should I give? Aren't tuition and tax dollars enough?

The Texas Tech University System and its four universities continue to achieve because of the sustaining power of private support. While state funding provides a significant part of the cost of higher education, philanthropy creates opportunities to increase access and excellence through student scholarships and spur innovation by funding new research and programs.

Why should I give while I am still paying off my college debt?

Annual gifts impact every part of a student's university experience from scholarships and facilities to faculty and research suport. Without the philanthropic support of alumni who gave generously, your education would have cost much more. By making an annual gift today, your generosity will have that same impact on today's students.

My small gift would be a drop in the bucket. Why should I bother giving?

Every gift counts, and when we all give together, we make a transformative impact. While a single gift of $100 may seem small, when 10,000 alumni commit to a $100 annual gift, that has a combined impact of $1 million. That could fund a $5,000 scholarship for 200 students, making a life-changing difference in their ability to pursue higher education.

My paycheck is modest, and I already have a lot of expenses. How can I afford a large gift this year?

We want as many alumni as possible to commit to giving, regardless of the amount. When we all give together, great things happen. Even an annual gift of $10 a month supports the life-changing work of our universities. Any amount makes a difference, and we appreciate your support.

Does my gift really support the area of my choice?

Every gift to the Texas Tech University System is donor directed. This means that when you make an annual gift to a college, program, scholarship or sport, 100 percent of your donation goes to that area. You decide how your gift will make an impact.

Is my donation tax deductible, and will I get a receipt?

Yes, every gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. You will receive a gift receipt after your gift is received and processed, usually within seven days.

Can I give to my campus, college or department?

Yes, you can support any recognized university program, including public media stations KTTZ-FM and KTTZ-TV, the Museum of Texas Tech University, Athletics and the Chancellor's Council. You can also support University Libraries, scholarships, and ground-breaking research as well as student activities and programs.

What are ‘unrestricted funds’? Where does the money go?

Unrestricted funds — sometimes referred to as a fund for excellence — stay within the specified college or department. Annual gifts to these funds provide general support to the college or department at the discretion of the dean or director. These gifts are crucial to our universities and the departments that receive them. They provide flexible financial resources to upgrade technology and facilities, support scholarships for students in need, recruit top scholars and invest in new programs that innovate on the academic and research mission of our universities.

I receive a lot of phone calls asking for donations. How often do you call?

We understand that our alumni get many requests for philanthropic support. Our Annual Giving student callers only call you once per academic year, which runs from September to August.

Additional Questions

Didn't see your answer here? For other questions about making an annual gift, please contact our Annual Giving team.