Institutional Advancement Reasons to Give

Reasons to Give

Everyone has a reason. What's yours?

At Texas Tech, we strive to establish meaningful relationships with our supporters. Understanding the motivation behind the gifts allows us to provide our friends and alumni maximum returns on their investments. We like to know why our supporters choose to give in various ways. The motivation behind every decision to donate is different for every person.

  • You want to return the favor. Alumni and friends wish to give something back to the university that had significant impact on their lives and careers.
  • It's good business. Every gift you make to Texas Tech allows you to take advantage of tax and estate benefits.
  • It makes sense. Becoming a supporter of Texas Tech builds strong, beneficial connections with faculty and departments in the university as well as sponsors important initiatives.
  • It's fun. Giving to Texas Tech allows you to establish and maintain relationships on campus that open doors to events and activities that are enjoyable and socially rewarding to you.
  • It feels right. You support Texas Tech because you know your donation will help fund important programs, colleges, or initiatives.
  • Philanthropy is a tradition for you. Your family has long recognized the value of philanthropic support to Texas Tech as key to the future of the university system and its institutions.

Texas Tech University has a rich heritage with top faculty that is attracting bright students to our campus. However, the price of higher education is also growing rapidly. Your gift will help those students who are seeking the best education they can at Texas Tech.

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